Kookaburra - PRO 600 Helmat

Kookaburra - PRO 600 Helmat



MASURI - C-LINE Plus - Junior

Model : C-line Plus
749,00 kr
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Product detail :


  • This helmet is FULLY BS7928:2013 COMPLIANT
  • Contemporary manufacturing techniques & plastic technology
  • A lightweight yet strong traditional single shell casing
  • British craftsmanship
  • Durable steel grille for front face protection
  • Soft cell foam inside for comfort contouring around the head


Leading the way and defining the industry standard in cricket helmet manufacturing, Masuri is the only cricket helmet manufacturer that has ISO accredited factories and processes, giving you reassurance that all of its products are made to a consistently high standard. Using Masuri’s SINGLE SHELL PROTECTION system, this is an affordable and lightweight helmet. It has soft cell foam front and back liners to contour to the players head shape, ensuring a snug fit every time without the need for a cumbersome adjustor. Masuri combines modern manufacturing techniques and the latest technology in plastics, along with Masuri's traditional DNA in order to bring back the Original Series range. The Original Series MK2 range has been a favourite for many years with international players all over the world and can currently be seen being worn by Alex Carey.

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