GM - Chroma  Original Bat

GM - Chroma Original Bat

GM - Prima - Limited Edition Bat

Model : Prima Limited Edition
4.699,00 kr
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-The Original LE model is made from the finest quality Grade 1 English willow

-Designed with the L540 length blade

-Made with optimized F4.5 face dynamics that give the batsmen greater control as well as consistent power all across the blade

-Powerarc bow face profile that extends from the handle to the toe

-Concaved back profile enhances pick up

-Designed with a low swell position for balanced power play all round

-Finest Grade 1 English willow that is unbleached

-Carefully selected by grain structure and weight

-Cut, temperature controlled prep and them made at the GM factory in Nottingham

-Fitted with the new GM pro lite batting grip

-Fitted with GM toe guard

-Protective sheet fitted as standard, so no oiling needed to the face of the bat

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